From one Scout to his parent(s)

I never could have come this far, if it had not been for you.
So I would like to thank you now -- for everything you do.

While climbing up the Eagle Trail, I sometimes went astray,
But you were right behind me there, to help me to find my way.

Sometimes I had my own idea, of how things should be run,
But you always kept me right on track, until the job was done.

I’m young and I canít always find, the perfect words to say,
Iíd really like to pay you back, I know Iíll find a way.

This much I can tell you now, I hope someday Iíll be
The kind of parent to my sons that you have been to me.

I may not often say it but, I hope you know its true,
I love you and Iím thankful, too-- for everything you do.

-- © 2006 Suzanne A. Lentchner

All Poems © Suzanne A. Lentchner
Poems may not be copied, in whole or in part, without written permission.


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