“For Everything You Do”©, an original poem, is Laser Printed
on your choice of Background Papers*, and then Mounted in a
Beautiful Walnut Finish or Black Marble-Look Wood Plaque.
It is available in versions from a single Scout or from multiple Scouts to their parents, and
from a Single Scout or multiple Scouts to their Scoutmaster or Mentor.

Scroll down the page to read the poems and see background choices.

ONLY   $ 31.95
California Residents add 8 % Sales Tax

 Discontinued Background    Discontinued Background 
 Walnut Finish Plaque    Black Marble-Look Plaque  
Add $5.00 for Black Marble-Look wood plaque.

Click on a link below to find the poem that is right for you.

“For Everything You Do” From a single Scout to his parent(s); "Click Here"

“For Everything You Do II” From more than one Scout to their parent(s) "Click Here"

“For Everything You Do III” From one Scout to his Scoutmaster or Mentor "Click Here"

“For Everything You Do IV” From more than one Scout to their Scoutmaster or Mentor "Click Here


Personalize your Poem Plaque with:

  • Your Scoutmaster's Name
  • Your Eagle Scout's Name
  • Eagle Scout Board of Review Date
  • OR Eagle Court of Honor Date

  • This Poem is also
    available as a

    Deluxe Poem
    Eagle in Clouds Background**
    Walnut Finish Wood
    Gold Brass Engraving Plate
    This Poem is also
    available as a

    Photo Poem
    Discontinued Background **
    Burgundy Marble-Look Wood
    Black Brass face plate
    Gold Brass Engraving Plates

    All Poems © Suzanne A. Lentchner
    Poems may not be copied, in whole or in part, without written permission.

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    *See Background Papers Pages for available background images.

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