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If you are ordering an Eagle Scout Poem Plaque, use this form.
For Cub Scout Thank You Poem Plaques, please use the Cub Scout Thank You Poem Plaque Order Form.
For Boy Scout Thank You Poem Plaques, please use the Boy Scout Thank You Poem Plaque Order Form.
For Deluxe Poem Plaques, please use the Deluxe Poem Plaque Order Form.
For Photo Poem Plaques, please use the Photo Poem Plaque Order Form.

1.Enter your Background Paper choice.   (See Background Papers pages.)
2. Choose Poem.  (See Eagle Scout Poem Plaque page for poem wording.)
3.Choose Scout's starting Rank.      7. Total your order.
4.Select Plaque color.*      8. Fill in your contact information.
5. Fill in Date plaque is needed by.      9. Fill in payment information.
6. Enter your Troop # and Council Name.    10. Print Form.
7. Enter your Personal Message.      

*Some background papers look better in Walnut, some in Black Marble.
If you prefer, we can choose the best plaque color for your background paper choice.
Use your browser's "Print" feature to print this form, sign it, and Fax or mail it to the address above.

Please do NOT send Credit Card information via eMail.

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  Poem Plaque   @  $ 31.95   =  $   31.95
  Black Marble-Look Plaque   @  $   5.00   =  $     5.00
  Shiping & Handling   @  $ 16.50   =  $   16.50
  California Sales Tax*   @     8 %     =   $  
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* California Residents only

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