Tiger Cub to Eagle Version

Remember when you started Scouts — it happened way back when
You were six and in first grade, you joined a Tiger Den.

At first you were uncertain if you could learn the skills
The knot tying and swimming, they just gave you the chills.

But when you saw the older boys and all that they could do,
From pitching tents to shooting guns -- you knew that was for you.

  Almost before we knew it, you had bridged into Boy Scouts,
And started camping on your own -- but still you had your doubts.

So step by step and badge by badge, you climbed along the trail.
You learned to hike and shoot and ride, you even learned to sail.

You worked so hard to understand The Scout Law and The Oath.
As you began to live by them, we marveled at your growth.

  With all the things you’ve done and learned, there truly is no doubt
You have reached the mountain’s peak, you are an Eagle Scout.

And now that you have reached the top; and you’ve passed every test,
The mighty Eagle soars back down, to teach and lead the rest.

We’ve watched you turn from boy to man, you've truly come so far,
There are no words to tell you son, how very proud we are.
   -- © 2005 Suzanne A. Lentchner   

All Poems © Suzanne A. Lentchner
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