“Scoutmaster Goodbye”©, an original poem, is the perfect way
to say “Thank you” to a Scoutmaster who is retiring.
Laser Printed on your choice of Background Papers*, and then Mounted in a
Beautiful Walnut Finish or Black Marble-Look Wood Plaque,
this poem will make a handsome gift any Scoutmaster would be proud to receive.

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 (Discontinued Background)    (Discontinued Background) 
 Walnut Finish Plaque    Black Marble-Look Plaque  

"Scoutmaster Goodbye"©

The purpose of a scout troop is to turn boys into men—
So the leader must be one on whom they always may depend.

The best kind of a leader doesn’t tell boys what to do
He gives them just enough so they can work the problem through.

Many leaders have scout skills, but it takes more than that,
To be the leaders’ leader and, wear the Scoutmaster’s hat.

The one they call, “The Master”, the leader with the final say,
Is the person who the boys look to, to show them the right way.

We’ll miss you Scoutmaster, and for a role model like you,
We just want to say that we are truly thankful, too,

For all your years of service, for the boys you urged to “try”
For all the hikes and campouts, “Thank you”, and, “Goodbye”.

               – – © 2010, 2018 Suzanne A. Lentchner

– – Coming in 2019 – –

New version available for troops with girls!


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This Poem is also
available as a

Deluxe Poem
Wolves in Snow
Background **
Black Marble-Look Wood
Silver Engraving Plate
This Poem is also
available as a

Photo Poem
(Discontinued Background) **
Burgundy Marble-Look Wood
Black Brass face plate
Engraved Gold Brass

**Most Background Papers are 8-1/2" by 11"and must be trimmed to fit
10”x 8”, 7”x 5”, and 6”x 4” openings.

(Some Backgrounds not recommended for trimming.)
See Background Choices pages for available background images.

All Poems © Suzanne A. Lentchner
Poems may not be copied, in whole or in part, without written permission.

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